Hi, I'm Trey - a frontend developer

I'm a frontend web developer and designer from Grand Rapids, Michigan, working with Salesforce, Node JS, and React JS

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Who am I?

I am web developer and designer interested in all kinds of visual communication. I enjoy utilizing tools and technologies to create web apps that improve user experience and functionality.

I have worked with many frameworks and libraries to complete a variety of projects and am always learning new technologies that will enable a better final product.

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What I do

Utilizing a variety of languages and technologies, I develop efficient and effective web applications. Each project that I develop is built around best practices for search engine optimization and accessibility.


HTML5 CSS3 Javascript HTML5 node


WordPress Github figma Bootstrap netlify


computer-screen Ez-Hang Door

EZ-Hang Door

E-commerce and how-to site built for a construction products company specializing in door installation. Site built using WordPress, Woocommerce, Divi, and custom CSS.

Live Site

computer-screen stons center app


Detroit Pistons web app for news and live scores. News data from Azure search and ESPN API. Stats and live scores from ESPN. App built with Node, Firebase and Tailwind CSS.

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computer-screen heritage farms

Heritage Farm Market

WordPress site built for a local farm market using custom Elementor and custom CSS. Built, customized, and deployed entire site.

Live Site

computer-screen Tag Web Dev

Tag Web Development

Statically generated agency site built with Vue JS, Gridsome, and Boostrap-Vue. Hosted on Netlify.

Live Site code

computer-screen simple shopper app

Simple Shopper PWA

Shopping list application progressive web app built with HTML, CSS, and vanilla Javascript. Add, check, and delete items. List saves to local storage.

Live Site code

computer-screen GR Events

Grand Rapids Events (in development)

Local events app for Grand Rapids. Users can filter and search upcoming results and upload custom events. Built with Vue JS and Bootstrap-Vue. User submitted events are uploaded to headless WordPress using the WP rest API.

Live Site code

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